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Churches at Calvary

Calvary Tuscaloosa is proud to offer its facilities to multiple church congregations which may otherwise not have a place to gather and worship. We believe that sharing a space of worship with churches of different cultures and ethnicities brings the body of Christ closer together and teaches us how God is working across all nations.

Tuscaloosa Chinese Christian Fellowship

Friday Service | 7:30 PM in Room 111
Contact info: Songhui Yue, 205-331-8055,
Website: Click here

Korean Church of the True Light

Sunday Service | 11:00 AM in the Chapel
Sunday Fellowship | 12:15 PM in the Gym
Wednesday Service | 7:30 PM in Room 250
Contact info: Pastor Kyu-won Kim, 434-426-3611,

Bama Cru (Formerly Campus Crusade)

Tuesday Service | 8:00 PM in the Sanctuary
Contact info: