Apply to be an Acts 1:8 partner

We are currently taking applications for our 2018 Acts 1:8 Fund Ministry Partners. Applications must be returned by October 11, 2017 in order to be considered by our Missions Council.




Acts 1:8 Fund

At Calvary, we want to strengthen the focus of our mission emphasis and be faithful to the calling of the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20 and the great challenge of Acts 1:8 in both finances and people utilization. We feel like these goals can be accomplished with a year-round giving fund. We believe the Acts 1:8 Fund will allow us to dramatically increase our financial gifts to missions as well as increase personal participation! This fund will allow us to be selective in our mission endeavors with a greater impact for the kingdom of God and plan long-term for our investment in missions.

Acts 1:8 Missions Fund from Calvary Tuscaloosa on Vimeo.

Acts 1:8 Ministry Partner | July 2017

S.D. Allen Ministry & Missions

S.D. Allen was a longtime member of Calvary Baptist Church. Mr. Allen had a heart and vision for local missions. Upon his passing, he left a generous gift to provide resources for future generations to share Christ through mission work within Tuscaloosa County. That gift was allocated to build the S.D. Allen Building which is located at 1220 17th Street. The building was designed to be used as a short-term staging area for local missions and to be used by the S.D. Allen Ministry as a beachhead to provide for the spiritual and physical needs within the community. Since it began, the ministry has partnered with churches and agencies all over town to provide furniture, including hundreds of beds, to residents in need. Through the generosity of our community, hundreds of families have been shown the love of Christ!

Feed the Summer Missionaries!

During the summer you can help be providing a meal for the S.D. Allen Summer Missionaries. Each year ten college students serve all throughout our community through S.D. Allen Ministry & Missions. To provide a meal for the Missionaries, click here.

How can you serve through S.D. Allen Ministry & Missions?

You can help year-round by donating new or gently used furniture or appliances. Donations are tax-deductible and can even be picked up right from your home. Volunteers are also needed to help with furniture pick-ups and deliveries. For more information, to schedule a furniture pick-up, or to volunteer, click here.

How Do I Give to the Acts 1:8 Fund?

2017 Total Goal: $100,000

You can give online by clicking here.  You can also use the Acts 1:8 envelope located in the pews, or the envelope that comes with your weekly giving envelopes in the mail.


Where are the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, SBC Cooperative Program, and Associational Missions donations?
These donations will continue to be made from the Unified Budget.

Why are we separating missions giving from the budget?
The Finance Committee, Budget Planning Committee, Missions Council, and the Pastor and staff believe this separation will allow Calvary to dramatically increase our financial  gifts to missions as well as increase personal participation.

Who made decisions about the Acts 1:8 ACTion Fund?
The 2012-2015 Missions Council spent hours in meetings, decision making, and prayer to develop this fund and choose its beneficiaries. First, in consultation with our pastor and administrator, they established basic but fundamental criteria to review our current mission endeavors:

  • Align mission endeavors with Calvary Tuscaloosa’s Mission Statement
  • Increase service opportunities for Calvary members
  • Increase number of participants in missions by focusing efforts on select events
  • Consistently maintain local, national, and international mission activities

Additionally, once this was established, the Missions Council closely reviewed all Mission Support activities in the Unified Budget, sought new recommendations from Church members and staff for additions to our mission endeavors, and held thorough and candid discussions of each mission endeavor to insure those mission endeavors met the criteria presented to the Church for inclusion.  The Council has spent numerous hours in joint meetings along with personal time and reflection in completing this work.  At each meeting, the Council prayed for wisdom and guidance in their work.

Can I still give to organizations not listed for Acts 1:8 Fund?
The Council closely reviewed several other mission activities and endeavors that have been previously funded through the Mission Support Budget.  Without question, these activities are worthwhile and provide meaningful service to people.  However, in most cases these simply did not fit our criteria for selection due to involvement of only a very few Calvary members.  While the Council does not recommend these activities be funded from the year round Acts 1:8 Fund, an account is established in order that those wishing to donate specifically to these charities may do so through Calvary.   These mission activities are as follows: Rio Medical Center, Christian Ministry Center, FCA, Russian Mission Trip (Trinity Missions), New Wine Ministries and Hospice.