The Well Intern App

Internship Overview:

We believe with everything in us that this generation of college students will become world changers who are impacting the kingdom of God in massive ways.

We also believe that there is a layering structure to leadership, even among leaders. You can call them the leaders among leaders, but the reality is they would never claim that themselves, that title would be given to them by their peers. We see this layering process with Jesus; we know there were a large number of disciples (Luke 6:17) and Jesus choose twelve to lead. We also know that even within those twelve Jesus choose three to be in an inner circle.

This internship experience creates an opportunity for the leaders among leaders to continue to rise into new levels of leadership, and to grow, stretch, and learn how to lead people in larger capacities. As with any greater heights that God calls us to: It’s not going to be easy. There will be times over the course of this next year that you’ll work harder than you’ve ever worked before, but you’ll also walk experiencing more than you thought possible – all while making an eternal impact you never dreamed possible. Our deepest prayer for you is that through this process you will grow as a leader, a person, and as a follower of Christ.

Here’s what we know:

It’s gonna be messy:

Paving a new path that no one has been on before is hard. It will be challenging, but this is where we will see the Lord work in ways we would never see in any other circumstance. We will make mistakes, we will learn from mistakes, and we will be better because of the mistakes. You will deal with questions such as, “Why her?” or “Why him?” or “Why me?” The answer you need to know in your heart is because God selected you. You don’t need to explain yourself; God is your champion. We didn’t choose you. Sure, we talked to people and had people submit their suggestions and spent time prayerfully considering students. You came to the top unanimously on each list. Tell me: Is that not God?

Together we will learn what the student internship process looks like. We will adapt as we go. We will take notes as we learn. Ultimately, you are leading the way for what the internship program will look like in the future, and that’s exciting!

It comes with expectations:

Each intern will have a primary ministry focus area (oversight of one of the teams). Your team will be chosen after completion of the application and a discussion with the staff team. You will help coach a team alongside a staff member. You will train them up, encourage them, serve with them, help solve problems and conflicts, and help them to lead the very best that they can lead.

Each intern will assist in the coordination of events and retreats.

Each intern will attend the Fall and Spring Leadership Retreats and The Well Retreats. Each intern will assist in leading the Fall Leadership Retreat and will be primary in leading the Spring Leadership Retreat. The best way for you to own it is to lead it. The best way for me to let you lead it is to hand you the keys.

Each intern will have two pairs of students to disciple.

Based on the above expectations, I believe each intern will need to be able to contribute ten hours a week. You probably know by now that there is an ebb and flow to ministry. Some weeks will be busier than others. Ten hours is just an estimate, but know that we will be flexible with your schedule. The only locked-in time is our weekly team meeting which we will schedule based on your where your open schedules overlap. You will have a place in the office, but honestly, we hope that you are out with students more than you are at a desk. However, we also know that there is value in having a space.

It comes with perks:

Each intern’s Fall and Spring retreat costs will be covered.

Each intern will be allotted a monthly $50 discipleship budget to meet with students

Half the cost of the Spring Break mission trip will be covered, if you choose to attend.

Each intern will be invested in, developed, supported, and encouraged by our staff team.

Here’s what we hope:

You will grow spiritually:

Interns will leave this program with a full understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ. You will leave with a firm understanding that everything we do is in vain if Christ isn’t the centerpiece. You will learn what it means to pursue God through prayer, the Word, and your personal life. Above all as an intern, we want you to be intimately acquainted with the voice of God.

You will grow personally:

At the end of this internship, our hope and prayer is that you become the best version of you. We will push you in your relationships, finances, time management, communication, and abilities. We will continually encourage you to identify areas in your life that God wants you to grow in and work on. And We won’t leave you there to figure out how to do it yourself; we will walk alongside you through the process.

You will grow in leadership:

We not only want to grow you as a person, but we want to grow you as a leader. You will be given opportunities all throughout your internship to grow as a leader. There will be intentional leadership development in the areas of attitude, conflict management and resolution, building and leading teams, program management, special event planning, learning to communicate and execute purpose and vision, and developing others to lead courageously.

You will grow in ministry:

Throughout this internship program, you will gain both ministry experience and knowledge. Interns will see behind the curtain. You will be privileged and entrusted with to information that others are not. You will begin to learn the ins and outs of church and departmental ministries. You will learn what it takes to shepherd and care for the people, especially you lead.

In the end, we hope you’ll consider joining us on this journey and leaving your fingerprints on something that is lasting!