Scripture Memory


This spring semester as we study the book of James, we are going to internalize it… literally. Sounds daunting, huh? Absolutely. But we’re doing it because we desire wholeheartedly to not just be mere hearers of the word, but doers. And how can we do that which we don’t know?

So join us. Rally your friends, your Life Group, your roommates, and let’s memorize the book of James together. We believe it will change everything!

Below you’ll find James broken down into each week and each day. Feel free to download each week as you go, all at once, or if you need a hardcopy stop by the info wall at The Well and pick up a bookmark (or download below). At the end of each week, you’ll review the week’s scripture (or catch up!). Again, our hope is that this isn’t another task to do, but an opportunity to dwell and meditate on scripture so that it transforms your mind…. your heart…. your life.

Week 1 : James 1:1-4

Week 2 : James 1:5-12

Week 3 : James 1:13-20

Week 4 : James 1:21-2:1

Week 5 : James 2:2-9

Week 6 : James 2:10-17

Week 7 : James 2:18-25

Week 8 : James 2:26-3:9

Week 9 : James 3:10-4:1

Week 10 : James 4:2-11

Week 11 : James 4:12-5:4

Week 12 : James 5:5-14

Week 13 : James 5:15-20


Helpful Apps for Scripture memory:  Verses, Scripture Typer, Bible Memory: Remember Me, & Fighter Verses

Download the James Bookmark