Upward Basketball & Cheerleading

Upward is a GREAT way for your kids to learn a sport that many love with the mindset of affirming each other in the process. We encourage families, kids, coaches, referees, directors, and all who come into the gym to affirm one another so that basketball and cheerleading becomes a sport kids enjoy while in our facility each week. Depending on the age group, there is a one hour commitment to practice and a one hour commitment to game every week for 8 weeks. The ages involved in this year’s Upward are based on the kid’s school year. We will have a 5K league, first and second grade league, third and fourth grade league, and a fifth grade and sixth grade tournament league.

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Registration Information

Registering for Upward Basketball and Cheer is ONE click away. Registration will be from now until the final evaluation on November 7th. There is a discount if you choose to sign up and pay before October 30.

We try to keep costs at a minimum. This year, basketball before October 30th will only be $70 and after the 30th will be $80. Cheerleading will be $70 before and $75 after. The cost comes with one practice a week and game needs on the weekend. It includes a player pack that has a jersey, t-shirt for under the jersey, and helps us staff some referees. Shorts are OPTIONAL and come with a cost of an additional $15. (About 60% of kids will order shorts). After registration, you must make it to ONE night of evaluations.

All registrations are ONLINE or in person during an Evaluation night. The registration link for BASKETBALL AND CHEER – CLICK HERE

If you are interested in volunteering as a coach, referee, concessions worker, etc… CLICK HERE


Evaluations are how we make sure teams are as close to even as possible. Kids participate in 3 shooting drills, a defensive slide drill, and 2 dribling drills that will give them an evaluation score that we use across the board. Height added into the mix and we have our final score. We then take all carpool kids and place them first, then draft teams based on those scores through an online system. Coaches nor staff pick teams. We then go through and fix addresses to make sure everyone that is in the same household will practice the same night. Its a process, but it makes us the best!


Upward promotes character and self-esteem in every child by providing:

  • Equal playing time for every player
  • A one-hour practice and game each week of the season
  • An evaluation process to provide the most equal team rosters
  • And much more!

Upward Basketball and Cheerleading offer a break from the norm. The primary focus of Upward is to develop the winner in every child, not just the competitive ones. By keeping this goal in mind, we are able to build a league that promotes salvation, character, and self-esteem in all who participate through:

  • Sportsmanship and competitiveness in proper perspective by not maintaining league standings in any division.
  • Maximizing the family schedule by having only one hour of practice and one game each week.
  • Equipping coaches and referees by providing extensive teaching tools and resources.
  • Providing opportunities to promote other church ministries to all participants and their families.
  • Allowing the coach to focus on ministering to children and their families, by having a set substitution system where all players are allowed equal playing time and equal opportunity for improvement.
  • Encouraging each player with a game day award following every game.
  • Maximizing ministry opportunities by exposing players to Scripture-based devotions during each practice and spectators to halftime testimonies each game day.
  • Providing opportunities to see changed hearts and lives among children, family members, and volunteers who experience an Upward sport ministry.
  • Building toward a harvest time at Awards Night where participants and parents are given an opportunity to respond to the Gospel.