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Facility Request

We view our buildings as a blessing and willingly open our doors to others. Our buildings are open for celebrations such as weddings (click here for guidelines), birthday parties, etc. Also, our buildings are open for non-profit use (hosting group cannot make a profit from the meeting). We also open our buildings for UA campus organizations to hold meetings. We also reserve the right to deny groups who do not align with our values.

We do not charge a rental fee for our facilities. However, we do charge a Clean-up Fee for certain after-hours events (parties, etc.) so we can pay our maintenance and janitorial staff. We will let you know if a Clean-up Fee applies and when it is due. In addition, there is a $50 per hour Sound Fee for any event that requires microphones or playing music, video or other multi-media. If you are in need of sound for your event, you must indicate that at the time of making your request.

To request a room, please fill out the info below. THIS IS NOT A RESERVATION but a request. A Calvary staff member will contact you for more details and to confirm/deny your request. Call the church office for questions: (205) 758-0495.

The following rooms are available for use:

  • Sanctuary: Holds 700 occupants.
  • Chapel: Holds 150 occupants.
  • Annex: Multi-purpose room which can host many types of events. Can hold from 50-175 depending on set-up (round tables, rows). Has internal kitchen and meeting rooms that break off from large room.
  • Gym (attached to playground). Kitchen attached. Can be set-up with tables or rows.
  • Assorted meeting rooms: Calvary has internal rooms that can hold from 20-100 people depending on set-up (tables, rows).