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Calvary’s staff is an all-inclusive team of loving people who share one focus: to spread the Gospel of Jesus. We believe each ministry is critical in it’s own ways to God’s plan for the members of Calvary and the people of Tuscaloosa.

Here are some of the people who are using their passions and talents to further God’s kingdom here at Calvary Tuscaloosa.

Dr. Tim Lovett

Lead Pastor

Tim Plant

Operations Pastor

Jeff Blevins

Worship Pastor

Jonathan Freeman

Preschool & Children's Pastor

Dr. Jeremy Horton

College Pastor


Worship Pastor

Tyler Nunn

Connections Pastor

Lonnie Free

Youth Pastor

Communications Director

Please pray for our search process. If you or someone you know is interested in this position, please contact Lynn McKelvey, Chair of our Personnel Committee, at for details.

Branna Burns

Family Ministry Director

Tricia Perkins

Hospitality & Events Director

Rebekah Hartley

Financial Administrative Assistant

Alanna Sellinger

College Associate

Will Bomar

College Associate

Current Trustees

Phil Cork, Alan Hartley, Terry Carlson, Lee Sellers, Amanda Cassity, Bob Wilson


Active 2017-2020
Stuart Bell, Cal Chambers, Larry Chesnutt, Mark Cook, Andy Harrell, Stephen Ikard Jr., Joe Lary, Dan McCormack, Ron McIlwain, Gary Phillips, Miles Ridgway, Joseph Robinson

Active 2018-2021
Matt Ander, Bill Edwards, Alan Hartley, Jeff Hurn, Hootie Ingram, Lynn McKelvey, Bob McKenzie, John Merrill, West Schmitt, Jose Stephens, Joe Wallace, Bob Wilson, Bill Young

Active 2019-2022
DeWayne Burkhalter, Walt Dendy, Jack Evans, Stephen Ikard Sr., Ted Jackson, Barry Latham, Tony Smithson, Vic Striklin, Rodney Truelove, Jim Williams, Tim Willoughby

Active 2020-2023
Phil Bradberry, Phil Cork, Keith DeBell, Drew Fuller, Tom Hale, Sam Houston, Steve Kellough, Stan Skelton, Andre Taylor, Ben Wilkin, Greg Williams

Lifetime Deacons
Perry Baggett, Walter Browne, Paul Conger, John Dill, H.A. Edwards, Charles Hilburn, Jim Ledbetter, Wiley McLeod, Jim Phillips, Rex Spruill

Inactive Deacons
Wayne Cameron, George Nunn, Michael Moore, Steve Richardson, Sidney Allen, Jamey Clements, Chuck Gibson, Chad Crawford, Thomas Monk, Jackson Wallace, Waldo Carden, Terry Carlson, Weldon Cole, Tom Farmer, Al Fox, Stuart Hartley, Billy Hatmaker, Ken Horst, David Ikard, Kirk Junkin, Clyde Scott, Lee Sellers, Jim Sexton, Shane Spiller

Church Committees & Councils

If you would like to contact any committee or council chairperson or member, you can email them directly at the address listed, or you can email and the message will be forwarded to them.

Baptist Foundation Committee
Members: Jimmy Kunz, Steve Richardson, Marion Kellough, Betty Robinson, Bill Gosselin, Rachel Gosselin, John Lovett, Jessica Lovett

Building and Grounds Committee
Jon Lambert, Billy Hatmaker, Wes York, Jackson Wallace, Spencer Fonte, Paul Reed

Bylaws Committee
Chairperson: Tony Smithson,
Members: Debbie Hildreth, Barry Latham, Kym Reddoch

Committee on Committees Committee
Chairperson: Brett Clark,
Members: Brenda Truelove, Mindy Crawford, Trey Johnson, Trent Gooden, Carolyn Wilson, Dan McCormack, Jean Minges, Waldo Carden

Decoration Committee
Chairperson: Jennifer Kunz,
Members: Donna Terry, Jane Richardson, Brenda Randall, Sue Leiser, Beth Haynie, Linda Sellers

Fellowship Committee
Chairperson: Miriam Aycock,
Members: Nan Rhodes, Beverly Walker, Henrietta Wallace, Tina Evans, Amber Hartley, Candice Carden, Jamie Lambert, Jeanne Burkhalter

Long Rang Planning Committee
Chairpersons: Weldon Cole,; Gary Phillips,
Members: Cal Chambers, Lucy Sellers, Emily Spiller, Wayne Randall, Stuart Hartley, Shane Henderson

Nominating Committee
Chairperson: Phil Cork
Members: Perry Baggett, Jane Allen, Connie Chambers, Reagen Ikard, Joseph Robinson, Walt Dendy, Thelma Bagley, Cindy Wagner, Marla Junkin

Ordinances Committee
Chairpersons: Jose Stephens, Lynette Stephens
Members: Doug Reynolds, Gwen Reynolds, Glen Womack, Meredith Womack, Michael Bruce, Teressa Bruce, Greg Williams, Tiffany Williams, Patrick Kennedy, Karen Kennedy

Personnel Committee
Chairperson: Lynn McKelvey,
Members: Denise Bradberry, Glenda Guyton, Jennifer Schmitt, Jim Sexton, Bill Edwards

Scholarship Committee
Chairperson: Evelyn Sexton,
Members: Kristin Ware, Amy Troutman, Katie Clark, Nathan Porter, Lisa Smith

Stewardship/Finance Committee
Members: Rick Wagner, Jeremy Haynie, Emy Carlson, Rachel Taylor, Carol DeBell, Karen McCormack, Brandee Tickle, Doug Carroll, Jack Evans

Transportation Committee
Members: Mark Cook, Bill Young, Greg Burroughs, Alyce Spruell, Josh Christian, David Ikard

Bereavement Committee
Chairpersons: Eula Shannon, Cornelia Ryan
Members: Bobbie Houston, Suzanne Branyon, Janet Carlisle, Laura Sue Lary, Delores Cole, Jane Allen, Mary Raney, Billey Youngblood, Dot Ridgway, Jerry Elmore, Glenda Guyton, Nancy McCormack, Janis Smith, Mary Ann Sevedge, Margaret Hannah, Joyce Blackburn, Betty Ann Chambers, Fleta Edwards, Emy Carlson, Penny Williams, Miriam Aycock, Barbara Hatmaker, Renae Jones, Brenda Farmer

Church Clerk
Brenda Farmer

Church Treasurer
Mary Raney,

Church Council Chairpersons
Preschool: Linda Gooden,; Beth Haynie,
Children: Dawn Fuller, Mindy Crawford
Youth: Emily Spiller, Waldo Carden
College: Ben Wilkin,; Jennifer Schmitt,
Worship: Glenda Guyton, Becky Peeples
Senior Adult: Mary Raney,
Missions: Jim Sexton