Welcome to the Information Page about Calvary Basketball for the year 2020-2021. We hope you find what you need to know, but do not hesitate to reach out to us if we can help in any way. Please e-mail jfreeman@calvarytuscaloosa.org if you have any questions.
Calvary has been known for their community basketball for years! Anyone willing to make the drive, is within the grade parameters, and has a willingness to learn basketball is welcome. We have used Upward Sports, R.A. Basketball in the past, but this year, due to the COVID-19 possibilities, we will be doing our own league.

Who is the league for?
Any child currently in the 1st-6th Grade
What is within the cost?
The league cost is $85 which covers jerseys, supplies, referees, and a director. (Shorts are not included.)
Where will everything be held?
We make sure siblings practice on the same nights and everything will be held in Calvary Tuscaloosa's Gym.

* Please note that everything is subject to change. *

Once you register, you must come to an evaluation night. They will be held on November 16th, 17th, and 19th. They are first come first serve from 5:30-7:30.

Ways to make our league the best in town:
Our kids hear enough negative chatter in their daily lives. We want to create an environment that affirms kids that they are here to develop skills in relationship and in basketball. Speaking positively to coaches, directors, referees, other players, etc... will make our kids see that we can have relationship and that our integrity can be SUPER high - EVEN WHEN - we don't feel like things went the right way. We want kids to learn about basketball, but to also learn that when Christians get together (even in competition) that we don't lose who Christ created us to be and that we will love our brothers and sisters in the midst of it all. If you have any issues, please call Jonathan Freeman or e-mail him with issues that might have arisen. The world knows we are Christians by our... LOVE!
Ways you can help keep the league going and safe:
1. While in the building, we ask everyone over the age of 6 to wear masks and to do their best to social distance. (Kids playing basketball will not be required to wear masks on the court.) 
2. Temperature checks will be administered as people enter the building.
3. Between games, everyone will leave the gym area so the seats and balls can be sprayed with disinfectant spray.
4. If you or someone you have been around has experienced sickness in a way that could be transferrable, please choose the best and safest means for everyone. Quarantine for the suggested periods and get tested to confirm before returning.
Practice Setup: (Beginning Monday, January 11)
Monday Nights:
5:30 : One 1st-2nd Grade Team (Short Court)
One 3rd-4th Grade Team (Short Court)
6:30 :One 1st-2nd Grade Team (Short Court)
One 3rd-4th Grade Team (Short Court)
7:30:Two 5th and 6th Grade Teams
Tuesday Nights:
5:30 : One 1st-2nd Grade Team (Short Court)
One 3rd-4th Grade Team (Short Court)
6:30 :One 1st-2nd Grade Team (Short Court)
One 3rd-4th Grade Team (Short Court)
7:30:Two 5th and 6th Grade Teams
Game Times: (Beginning Saturday, January 23)
9:00: Game 1 | 1st-2nd Grade
10:00: Game 2 | 1st-2nd Grade
11:30: Game 3 | 3rd-4th Grade
12:30: Game 4 | 3rd-4th Grade
2:00: Game 5 | 5th-6th Grade
3:00: Game 6 | 5th-6th Grade

Games will be held every Saturday until March 6th with the above schedule. Home will wear the gray sided jersey and Away will wear the red sided jersey.
Games will be played with four quarters of eight minutes each. Kids will stay in the gym during halftime where families and kids will hear an approximately five minute devotion from someone on our leadership team. Before every game, kids will be called out to the court. A referee will spend time praying over them and their game. This year, in order to spread kids out, we will play full court. The bleachers and some added seating will be used. For the younger two age groups, defense is not allowed outside the three point line. We want to develop kids in a way that they enjoy their season and we can do that through our encouragement to them!