What is Advent? 

“Advent” in scripture means "The Coming" or “The Arrival.” It is one of the seasons of the liturgical Church calendar where we celebrate the birth of our King  and anticipate his promised return. Advent begins four weeks before Christmas Day. 

As a church, we will talk about the anticipation of hope, joy, peace, and love we have through the story of the gospel. As believers, we live in the already, meaning Christ has come, and the not yet, because we are waiting eagerly for his return. 

What's Coming Up? 

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For the month leading up to Christmas, our church is talking about the season of Advent, which means "The Arrival." We wanted to contemplate and celebrate the glory of God. 
  • NOV. 28,  Sunday Worship "The Arrival of Hope" at 8:30  & 11AM
  • DEC. 5  Christmas at Calvary, "The Arrival of Peace" at 8:30  & 11AM
  • DEC. 12 Sunday Worship "The Arrival of Joy" at 8:30  & 11AM
  • DEC. 19  Sunday Worship "The Arrival of Love" at 8:30  & 11AM
  • DEC. 24 Christmas Eve Service at 5PM
  • DEC. 26 One Service Sunday @10AM
  • JAN. 2 One Service Sunday "Prayer Service" @10AM
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Get ready for some fun things coming to you on social media this Christmas season! We have some awesome surprises for you including giveaways, behind the scenes videos, and resources from our team. Stay tuned for more!
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