current committees & Councils


If you would like to contact any committee or council chairperson or member, you can email them directly at the address listed, or you can email and the message will be forwarded to them.

Building and Grounds Committee
Spencer Fonte, Paul Reed, Ken Horst, Drew Fuller

Fellowship Committee
Members: Candice Carden, Jamie Lambert, Jeanne Burkhalter, Anita Thornhill, Denise Haye, Dennise Stricklin,

Long Range Planning Committee
Chairpersons: Weldon Cole,; Gary Phillips,
Members: Cal Chambers, Lucy Sellers, Emily Spiller, Wayne Randall, Stuart Hartley,

Nominating Committee
Members: Thelma Bagley, Cindy Wagner, Marla Junkin, Robin Vanderford, Trey Johnson, Jill Anders

Ordinances Committee
Members: Greg Williams, Tiffany Williams, Patrick Kennedy, Karen Kennedy, Keith Jennings, Sara Beth Jennings, Jeremy Meares, Leslie Meares

Personnel Committee
Chairperson: Jennifer Schmitt (
Members: Jamie Lambert, David Ikard, Rachel Goggins, Jim Sexton, Bill Edwards

Scholarship Committee
Members: Lisa Smith, Carrie Jones, Angela Gonnering

Stewardship/Finance Committee
Chairperson: Jack Evans (
Members: Carl Bielstein, Doug Carroll,  Stuart Hartley, Rachel Hollingshead, Keith Jennings, Mary Raney, Lee Sellers, Lisa Smith, Katie Thompson, Brandee Tickle

Bereavement Committee
Members:  Miriam Aycock, Joyce Blackburn, Suzanne Branyon, Emy Carlson, Amanda Cassity, Connie Chambers, Betty Ann Chambers, Delores Cole, Fleta Edwards, Jerry Elmore, Brenda Farmer, Glenda Guyton, Margaret Hannah, Barbara Hatmaker, Renae Jone, Laura Sue Larry, Nancy McCormack, Marey Raney, Cornelia Ryan (Co-chair), Mary Ann Sevedge, Eula Shannon (Co-chair), Janis Smith, Anne Spruil, Henrietta Wallace, Penny Williams, Billye Youngblood


Church Clerk
Brenda Farmer

Church Treasurer
Mary Raney,

Church Council Chairpersons
Preschool: Linda Gooden,; Beth Haynie,
Children: Dawn Fuller
Youth: Emily Spiller, Waldo Carden
College: Jennifer Schmitt,
Senior Adult: Mary Raney,
Missions: Jim Sexton