First of all, thanks for joining us.

Over the next two weeks (January 2- January 16) we are participating in a church-wide prayer and fasting. Our hope is that you will encounter Jesus in a new way. Whether prayer and fasting is a normal rhythm or completely new to you, we want to make this experience approachable and do-able.

To start, we have a podcast for you that explains what biblical fasting is and gives practical examples and options of how to fast. There is more than one way to do this. 

Download our guide to 14 days of prayer and fasting

A book of prayer, devotionals, writing and insights from our people for our people. We hope that this will help guide some of the time that you abstain from food. 

Check out our podcast about fasting here. 

Calvary Conversations is a podcast about topics, questions, and general conversations for our church. We hope that you will be equipped as a disciple of Jesus by these conversations in our community.