Worship & Production Teams

Meet the team.

Our Creative Team works closely together and always tries to answer the question WHY? We are always looking for volunteers, and are willing to teach you anything we know!

Jared Shepard

Worship Pastor
Jared has been with us since 2019, but really he started coming to the Well when he was in college. He loved it so much that he's back! Jared is a Type 4 enneagram who loves to dream big, push our team to be better, and break the barriers between church and culture. 

Brooke Bowlin

Communication & Creative Media Director
Brooke is a recent graduate of the University of Alabama and has been attending Calvary since 2016. She was actively involved in the Well for her four years of college, where she also found her passions for ministry, media, and storytelling. She is a Type 5 enneagram and can usually be found wherever they keep the good coffee in this town.

Mary Hannah Miller

Worship Resident
Mary Hannah is our FIRST resident so let's give her some love! She has been a member of the worship team for 3 years and is currently in graduate school for social work. She's a Type 1 enneagram, loves thrift shopping, and is always down for an adventure. 

Clay Zielke

Production Director
Clay is a sophomore at UA studying Creative Media who oversees all of our production needs. He is the definition of a servant's heart and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. He loves movies, music videos, all the latest TV shows, because he's going to direct something BIG one day.  

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Media & Productions

Graphic designers
Social media content creators
Audio mixing
Livestream video
If you're interested 
email bbowlin@calvarytuscaloosa.org


Lead singer
Electric guitar
Acoustic guitar
Violin/ Cello
If you're interested 
email jshepard@calvarytuscaloosa.org

Worship Auditions

Please prepare three of the following songs for your worship audition. You can check the Calvary Calendar for the next tryout here. 

Song List 

Christ is Enough
Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me
Build My Life
Jesus We Love You
Goodness of God